2016 Speakers

Carol Hight will be our guest speaker for the March 2 meeting. Her topic will be “Seed Starting.”
Carol has been an active Carroll County Master Gardener for 11 years. She has served on the executive board and the education committee, and has been the chairman of the annual plant sale. She is a member of the Georgia and West Georgia Chapter of the Native Plant Society where she has served as vice president and she is a member of the board of directors.
After a thirty year teaching career, Carol retired and now enjoys gardening, traveling, sewing, quilting and going on native plant rescues. She enjoys sharing her love of gardening with others and hopes her presentation will get others excited about starting different kinds of seeds.


Paula Vester will be the speaker for the February meeting of the Douglas County Master Gardeners and her topic will be ‘Agriculture and Textile History During the General Colonial Period’.

Did you know? Georgia Day is February 12th. James Ogelthorpe sailed on the Ann with settlers and landed on February 12, 1733 to found the Georgia colony. Georgia Day is the holiday which the U.S. State of Georgia recognizes in honor of its colonial founding as the Province of Georgia. James Oglethorpe came to shore in what is now Savannah, which was to become Georgia's first city, and became the first state capital. Not a public holiday, Georgia Day was created by Georgia's General Assembly which provided that Feb. 12 "the anniversary of the landing of the first colonists in Georgia under Oglethorpe"—be observed in the public schools as Georgia Day. Our February speaker, Paula Vester, a fiber arts expert, will speak on agriculture and textile history during the general Colonial Period, including specific information about Georgia during that time, such as the silk industry and Georgia's involvement in developments in the cotton industry. Paula will demonstrate her cotton gin and spinning wheel. Her talk will include interesting details about the first gardening and farming attempts by European settlers in Georgia, such as what crops they originally tried, what worked and why they failed or succeeded.
Paula is a Handspinner who can demonstrate and talk about textiles to any age group in connection with a wide variety of subjects. Paula is a native Californian who moved to Georgia with her husband and two sons in 1979. After answering an ad in the Savannah paper for someone to "spin, weave, cook on a hearth, and plow with mule" Paula was hired by the Board of Education as a Heritage Farm Interpreter. She learned to spin, weave and cook over an open fire pit, but as the mule never got the hang of pulling a plow, she never had to learn. She started demonstrating to the public while still at Oatland Island Education Center and found it to be gratifying. In 1983 the family moved to Stone Mountain, GA. She discovered that she had been hooked and spinning was not something that she just did at work. She continued to demonstrate spinning and to perfect her craft. In 1985 she was one of the founding members of the Peachtree Handspinners Guild. Paula served as its President in 1987, 1988,1994 and 1995. While a member of the Handweavers Guild of America she volunteered in their mentoring program "Teaching and Learning Through Correspondence” and was one of the chairmen of the Spinning Learning Exchange. In 1987 Paula started teaching at Dreamweaver in Atlanta, a shop for those interested in fiber arts. She led workshops at art centers and shops around the Southeast. Paula was the keynote speaker at the 1999 conference of the Northwest Regional Spinners Guild in Tacoma, Washington. Paula has organized and presented an educational exhibit at the Georgia Renaissance Festival since 1987 and has set up a demonstration booth, "The Wool Story," at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, GA since 1993. Paula loves to travel and during her travels teaches workshops and talks to people about her love for fiber. For four years she has taken her adventurous spirit to The Estes Park Wool Market in CO and taught at the Florida Tropical Weavers Guild's conference. Paula is listed in the 25th edition of Who's Who in American Women and the 60th edition of Who's Who in America. Paula has published a number of books. She has also published articles for Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot, the publication of the Handweavers Guild of America

Linda Schuppener will be our speaker for the March meeting and her topic will be ‘Roses’.

Linda, born a country girl in southern Florida, has called Douglas County, Georgia “home” for nearly 40 years. She received her college degree from Mercer University in 1996, with a Criminal Justice major. The loves of her life are her two grown sons, Steve and Michael, and her grandchildren, Morgan (22), Evie (5), Michael (4), Addie (2), and her newest granddaughter, Emery (6 months).

She joined the American Rose Society and the Greater Atlanta Rose Society in 1999, hoping to benefit from the advice and experience of the rosarians of the Society. To further her education and knowledge of rose growing, she became a Consulting Rosarian with the American Rose Society in 2003, and a Master Rosarian in 2014. She is also a member of the Rose Hybridizer’s Association.

Because of the love addiction she has for growing America’s national flower, she finds herself now tending to more than 150 varieties of roses in her rose garden. In addition to growing and exhibiting roses, Linda has focused for the last 12 years on her rose hybridizing program, hoping one day to market a rose created in her own garden. She enjoys her membership in the Town & Country Garden Club, especially the fellowship with other gardeners who enjoy plants and flowers of all kinds. She has a love for propagating plants and likes to share them with members of the Club. Participation in the annual Hydrangea Festival and the Lighted Veterans’ Day Parade are two of the highlights she looks forward to every year.

Besides loving roses and plants, Linda maintains a little menagerie and egg ranch in Winston, consisting of 60+ laying hens, two alpaca (Marshmallow Man and Paco) and a recently rescued nanny goat from the Douglas County Animal Shelter. Mark thought of the perfect name for the new addition to the family -- “BaaaNana!” There is never a dull moment around the farm. She wishes to extend a special thank to her husband, Mark, for making all her rose growing and egg ranch dreams come true. Without him, the beautiful raised beds and the accomplishment of the multitude of tasks involved in maintaining the roses, menagerie and egg ranch would have never come true.

Kathy Aja will be the April speaker for the Douglas County Master Gardeners and her topic will be “Companion Plantings’.

Kathy loves plants and gardening! Many of you know her from Triple Creek Nursery and from Bloomers, a garden center, which was in Carrolton. Kathy’s current job combines her passion for gardening and her special education degree. Rainbow Omega is a faith-based, non-profit organization, which provides residential and vocational programs for adults with developmental disabilities. The Rainbow Omega campus in Eastaboga, Alabama is home to eighty-eight people with developmental disabilities. The vocational program includes nine commercial greenhouses. With Kathy’s experience, the greenhouses have flourished. The ferns are especially gorgeous! The residents work in the greenhouses. The plants are for sale and proceeds support Rainbow Omega. The greenhouses are open to the public M-F 8am-4pm. See www.rainbowomega.org for more information. Attend the Douglas County Master Gardener meeting this month and maybe you’ll win one of the huge ferns from Rainbow Omega. Kathy will bring companion plants for purchase.

Mike Brantley will be the May speaker for the Douglas County Master Gardener meeting and his topic will be "Preparing Horticultural Entries for the 9th Annual Penny McHenry Flower Show." He will also give a few tips on growing hydrangeas.

Mike  has volunteered his time and expertise checking horticultural entry cards since the 1st Annual Penny McHenry Flower Show in 2008, which had over 300 entries. He has been there for eight out of eight Penny McHenry Flower Shows. His attention to detail and knowledge of plant identification has been essential to the success of the flower show. With hundreds of entries every year, this was no small task. There were 461 entries in 2015. Along with Randy Cooper, Mike Brantley has kept the flower show entries at the award winning level the National Flower Show Judges expect to see. The Penny McHenry Flower Show has won National Awards every single year. The 9th Annual Penny McHenry Hydrangea Flower Show will be June 4th-5th, 2016. The public is encouraged to enter the flower show. Entry cards and information will be available at the Douglas County Museum of History and Art at 6754 Broad Street in Douglasville. Tuesday- Friday from 10:00-5:00 and Saturday 10:00-3:00 http:// www.pennymchenryhydrangeafestival.com/.

Mike graduated from UGA in 1969 with a BSA in horticulture. He took additional graduate classes at Auburn and at West Georgia. Mike was hired at Douglas County High School in 1969, the year he graduated from UGA, and taught there for 31 years. He ran the horticultural program. The School Superintendent at the time, Frank Cloer, began the horticultural program a few years before he hired Mike Brantley. The program flourished under Mike.  He taught classes in landscaping, floral design, plant propagation, plant science and nursery production. Mike also organized plant sales, which supported the program. The students sold orchids, lilies and many other plants. Under his direction, the students grew plants from seed in the greenhouse and sold them in plant sales. The annual plant sales were very popular events.

Alexis Peters will be the speaker for the June meeting of the Douglas County Master Gardeners and her topic will be ' Olive Oil and Olive Cultivation Including the Olive Oil Industry in Georgia’.

Several types of olive oils will be available for tasting. Alexis is the manager of Oli+Ve in Vinings. There are three Oli+Ve (pronounced Ollie and Vee) shops in the Atlanta area. The first Oli+Ve opened in March 2012 as a tasting shop. A passion for quality olive oil, the desire to own their own business and the memories of good food and fellowship around a table with family and friends prompted Deborah Hardee and Suzanne Davidson to partner together and open a unique business. Alexis joined Oli+Ve as a manager in September 2012 due to her passion for cooking and for great oils and vinegars.
The three Oli+Ve stores are purveyors of the finest extra virgin olive oil from around the world. The oils are imported from both hemispheres, which produce counter to one another. This allows Oli+Ve to offer the freshest olive oil available in the world not once, but twice yearly. They import oils from countries such as Italy, Chile, Spain, Tunisia, Australia, Argentina and Portugal. In addition to extra virgin olive oils they carry aged balsamic vinegars from Modena, Italy. Oli+Ve oils range from single varietal extra virgin olive oils to fused/infused flavored oils and a selection of gourmet oils. Their aged balsamic not only include the traditional but also flavors such as raspberry, espresso, pomegranate, chocolate, fig and cranberry pear. Oli+Ve has over 60 different olive oils and vinegars.

The speaker for the August meeting of the Douglas County Master Gardeners will be Kevin Livingston and his topic will be ‘Soil Amendments and Composting’.

Kevin has served as the UGA Agriculture and Natural Resource Agent for Douglas County since June of 2006. He participated in the Georgia Master Gardener training program as a student, became certified in 2007 and has been a fan of the Master Gardener program since. He is actively involved with his Master Gardener Extension Volunteers, appearing at each meeting to update the members on extension events.
Kevin frequently presents topics to other Master Gardener groups throughout the state. He co-chairs the West Metro Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Training program and is currently establishing two new extension volunteer groups: Garden Mentors and Growing Families both focusing on food production in the community. Kevin previously served as Doulas County 4-H Coordinator for the target sports Archery and Shooting programs and is Past President of West Georgia Green. Kevin’s goal, as well as that of local Master Gardener Extension Volunteers, is to bring research-based information back to the local community.

The speaker for the September meeting of the Douglas County Master Gardeners will be Gail Woody and she has invited us to her home to view and enjoy the butterflies and hummingbirds in her garden.

Gail began her native plant garden from scratch. She did not plan to attract high numbers of humming birds and butterflies, but that is what happened. Her large collection of native plants and trees began to attract them and she began to plant more host trees and plants for the butterflies. She added hummingbird feeders and more hummers came. The hummingbirds nested on her property and those babies return every year. The numbers multiplied.
Now her yard is an native plant oasis and is officially on the Rosalynn Carter Butterfly Trail. Her yard is used for tagging both humming birds and butterflies. Many groups have taken field trips to her yard including garden clubs and senior citizen groups. Sitting quietly in Gail Woody’s yard is a wonderful experience. Watching and listening to the hummingbirds, watching the butterflies and wandering through her garden is inspiring. Early September is a peak time to view large numbers of hummers and butterflies. It is very generous of Gail Woody to invite the Douglas County Master Gardeners to have our September meeting there.

The speaker for the October 6th meeting of the Douglas County Master Gardeners will be Candy
Parrow and her topic will be ‘Food Contamination Then and Now’.
Candy is very active in genealogical groups and family tree research, and she had no idea it would lead
her to study grain contamination and the Salem witch trials. Her interest began when she discovered
her eighth-great-grandmother, Mary Towne Esty, was accused of being a witch during the hysteria in
the Salem Massachusetts Colony. Her ancestor was hanged in 1692. Candy Parrow will speak on
fascinating details concerning "The Salem Witch Trials.” She will describe factors at play, including the
possible contamination of the grain supply in the colony. Apparently there truly is a fungus which
could have caused some of the muscle spasms and delusions suffered by the allegedly bewitched
She is a member of the Colonial Dames 17th Century, the National Society of the Daughters of the
American Revolution, United Daughters of the Confederacy, USD1812, Daughters of American
Colonists, Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, and Associated Daughters of Early
American Witches. (Yes, there is a society for that! ) To prevent food contamination in Douglas
County, Susan Culpepper, Douglas County’s UGA Extension Administrator of Family and Consumer
Sciences, will provide information on food preservation and safety. Improper methods can cause
sickness. She will give tips on how to preserve and can our garden bounty safely.

Arty Schronce is returning as the speaker for the November 3rd meeting of the Douglas County Master Gardeners. His topic will be "Winter Gardens". Arty started young, selling English boxwoods that he and his father rooted. The business expanded to a nursery and greenhouse selling shrubs, trees, vegetables and bedding plants. Arty continued until he went away to college at North Carolina University where he wrote a weekly gardening column for the university for seven years that was carried in 30 newspapers. Arty has worked for a major agricultural biotechnology company and served as a senior horticulturist for a seed company and garden center. At the Georgia Department of Agriculture he was Director of Public Affairs for many years and is now Director of the Poultry Market news. He also writes "Arty`s Garden" for the Farmers and Consumers Market News and "Consumer Q`s", a weekly Q&A column covering agricultural issues. As a freelance writer, his articles and photographs have appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines and books, including "Gardens of the World", the companion book to the PBS series and "The Garden in Autumn by Allen Lacy.


2015 Speakers

Our speaker for the October 1st meeting will be Marjorie Stansel and her topic will be 'Daylilies Acquired for Propagation for our Plant Sale'.
Marjorie currently serves as president of the Douglas County Master Gardener Association as well as President of the Georgia State Master Gardeners Association.
Marjorie will show slides of new daylilies acquired for the Master Gardeners' permanent collection. Red daylilies included among others, Highland Lord, Illini, Grand Opera and Blood Spot. Pink and Peach varieties included Barbara Mitchell, Big Kiss and Dublin Elaine; while yellow varieties included Condilla, Staci Cox and Spring Ballerina.
Daylilies are currently planted at the Master Gardeners' Vegetable Garden but will be moved to a permanent location in the spring. 

The speaker for the September 3rd meeting of Douglas County Master Gardeners will be Johnny Hadley and her topic will be "Begonias for Everyone".

Johnnie, a retired financial officer, is a native of Burke County, Georgia and has always loved wildlife and growing plants and especially loves propagating plants.

In 2009, she was awarded The 'Dorothy Dean Harris Trophy' for exhibiting the best begonia in the horticulture division of the Southeastern Flower Show.
She has also received numerous blue ribbons for horticulture in other standard flower shows.

Johnnie currently serves as president of the Greater Atlanta Begonia Society. She is a life-time member of the National Garden Club Inc., the Deep South Region and is a member of the North Judges Council. She is also on the boards of The Garden Club of Georgia, The Dogwood District, The Georgia Hosta Society, and The Fulton Federation. She is also a Habitat Steward.
The speaker for our August 6th meeting will be Helen Phillip and her topic will be “Gardening Tips”, covering a wide variety of gardening topics.
Helen was born in Chicago but lived her first 10 years on Auburn University’s Agricultural Black Belt Experiment Station in Marion Junction, Alabama. While living there, she gained an early appreciation of nature’s beauty and a lifelong urge to share that beauty.
Helen attended Auburn University obtaining a degree in Elementary Education. Thirty years later, after raising three children and calling several states home, she returned to Auburn, this time for a Masters Degree in horticulture.
After teaching for several years, Helen took a job at Callaway Gardens in the Education Department where she taught classes, gave guided tours, wrote articles, planned programs, lead conferences and greeted thousands of visitors. Promoted to the curator position of the Victory Garden South, she lead the staff to create stellar garden shows each year and was featured on the national TV Program, “The Victory Garden,” and on Public TV’s, “The Georgia Gardener.”
Helen designed most of the landscapes for the residences in Longleaf, Callaway Garden’s first residential community, using predominately native plants. She also wrote newspaper articles on gardening and appeared on a television show called, “Rise and Shine”, in Columbus, Georgia.
Helen is now working with ‘Garden Solutions’ in LaGrange, Georgia. She is the color specialist, greenhouse manager, head of perennial maintenance for landscape customers and Girl Friday for the company. She is happiest tending her own or other client’s gardens.

Our speaker for the July 2nd meeting will be Marjorie Stansel and her topic will be 'Pollinators: To Bee or Not'.
Marjorie currently serves as president of the Douglas County Master Gardener Association as well as president of the Georgia State Master Gardener Association. Marjorie and her husband live in Winston, Georgia.
Marjorie became a Master Gardener in 2009 and a Master Naturalist in 2010.
From 2010-2011 and 2014-present, she served as President of the Douglas County Master Gardeners Association. In 2013, she served as Treasurer of that organization and was awarded 'Volunteer of the Year' status.
Marjorie first became involved with the Georgia Master Gardener Association in 2011 when she served as Chair of the Finance Committee. In 2012, she agreed to serve as Vice President-Elect, and in 2013, Marjorie moved to President-Elect. In 2014, she was elected as President of both the Georgia Master Gardener Association and the Douglas County Master Gardeners Association. In 2015, she was re-elected to both positions.

In addition to speaking on topics related to gardening for civic groups, Marjorie writes articles for gardening newsletters and local magazines.
Prior to taking up the "shovel", Marjorie was legal administrator for Bondurant, Mixson & Elmore, a litigation firm in midtown Atlanta for more than 25 years. She retired in 2003, and is active in her church as a member of the Faith in Action Committee.

Her Master Gardener projects in Douglas County include co-chair of the Vegetable Garden (donated 4,500 lbs of vegetables to local charities), chair of the Nature Trail, and co-chair of the Plant Sale.

The speaker for our June meeting will be Sara Henderson and her topic will be 'Hydrangeas'. Sara is a founding member and former president of the American Hydrangea Society. She is also a former president of the Georgia Perennial Plant Association.
She is a lifelong gardener, garden designer and frequent lecturer. Sara has appeared on "A Gardener's Diary" on HGTV as well as on PBS's "Georgia Gardener."


The speaker for the Douglas County Master Gardeners for our May 7th meeting will be Jeff Krenner. His topic will be 'Ponds and Waterfalls'.
Jeff is North Metro Atlanta's only Master Certified Aquascape contractor and he owns 'Paradise Ponds and Waterfalls' in Atlanta. He has over 20 years of experience with fish, filtration systems and pond designs.
Jeff, a national award winner, has a lifelong passion for water features that create a unique lifestyle for customers. They install all types of water features including backyard ponds, pondless waterfalls and fountainscapes. He has been featured on the NatGeo WILD new show called 'Pond Stars'.


The speaker for our April meeting will be Steve Rich, a former teacher in Douglas County for twelve years. His topic will be “Butterfly Gardening: From First Ladies To First Graders”.
Steve has written books based on his experiences as a teacher, state science specialist, nature enthusiast, and as a father. He is the author of books for teachers and students including the bestselling ‘Outdoor Science: A Practical Guide’, among others. His passion for teaching children about butterflies led to a role in helping former First Lady Rosalynn Carter create a butterfly garden at her home in Plains, GA. which became the beginning of the Rosalynn Carter Butterfly Trail at the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site in 2013. Steve tells the story in the new NSTA Kids book, ‘Mrs. Carter’s Butterfly Garden’.

While teaching in Douglas County, he created two outdoor classrooms which come to life in his recent NSTA Kids book, ‘My School Yard Garden’.

Steve previously served as Georgia’s K-8 Science Specialist at the Department of Education in Atlanta, and has been director of the Georgia Youth Science and Technology Center at the University of West Georgia since 2010.

He holds degrees from the University of Georgia and Georgia State University. He is a 2015 candidate for the doctoral degree in school improvement at the University of West Georgia, where his research focuses on teaching elementary science outdoors.


We welcome back Giff Beaton as our speaker for the March 5th meeting. He is one of our favorite speakers and his topic is “Mysteries of Bird Migration”, which he says is his most popular talk.
Giff and his wife Allie and their twin sons live in Marietta, Georgia and Giff is a pilot for Delta Airlines.

Giff has eagerly studied nature for over 35 years. For the past 20 years, he has led a variety of bird, nature and history tours and given a diverse range of nature presentations. He is the author of “Birding Georgia”, “Birds of Kennesaw Mountain”, “Dragonflies and Damselflies of Georgia and the Southeast”, and coauthor of “The Breeding Bird Atlas of Georgia and Birds of Georgia”, and the senior author and editor of the “Annotated Checklist of Georgia Birds”.


The speaker for the Douglas County Master Gardeners for the Feb. 5th meeting will be Barbara Dorfman and her topic will be 'Pruning to Retain the Natural Form of Shrubs and Trees'.

 Barbara is a resident of Stone Mountain, Georgia. She studied horticulture at Gwinnett Technical College, has worked at wholesale and retail nurseries and is now a landscape consultant, assisting homeowners with pruning, low maintenance strategies and replacing exotic invasive plants with natives.

Teaching proper pruning is her passion and her presentations for garden clubs have been greatly received. We are looking forward to hearing this very enthusiastic speaker.

2014 Speakers


The speaker for the Douglas County Master Gardeners for the February 6th meeting will be Robert Hood and his topic will be “The most common nuisance wildlife found on the exterior of Douglas county homes”. He will discuss how to identify and recognize signs of, but not limited to, grey squirrels, rats, raccoons, armadillos, snakes and stinging insects (bees, wasps, and hornets).
Robert is a native of Decatur, Georgia. He has a BS in Biology from North Carolina Central University ; has been in the Wildlife Removal industry for 16 years; and is licensed through the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Natural Resources in 5 states. He is also the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Animal Control Experts, LLC for 10 years.


Wendell Hoomes

The speaker for the Douglas County Master Gardeners for the March 6th meeting will be Wendell Hoomes. His topic will be will be “Spring, Summer and Fall Vegetable Gardening”.
Wendell is a Carroll County Lifetime Master Gardener and served as President of that organization in 2002. He is a past president of McIntosh Reserve and he is a board member of West Georgia Vineyard and Winery Association.
In 1957, Wendell was selected as the Escambia County, Alabama champion corn grower, establishing his gardening credentials. Among his many awards, he was selected Carroll County Citizen of the year for 2005.
Wendell graduated from Troy University, Auburn University, and West Georgia and did further graduate studies at Georgia State University and the University of Georgia. In 1968, he was one of three to start what is now West Georgia Technical College.
After retiring from the Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education Quick Start Program, Wendell worked with an international business consulting firm for three years.


Barbara Harris will be our guest speaker for the April 3rd meeting and her topic will be “Scarecrows, Construction and Use in the Garden”.
A scarecrow display will be a new addition this year to the Penney McHenry Hydrangea Festival and Barbara is going to help us prepare for the event.
After graduating from the University of Georgia, Barbara worked in the Fayette County School System as an educator and media specialist. After retiring, she became a Master Gardener and volunteered at the Research and Education Garden for the University of Georgia. There she helped develop special events that are now yearly happenings at the garden.
One of her favorites is the “Scarecrow in the Garden” event for which she has created many innovative scarecrows. She has also organized workshops to aid others in making scarecrows.
Join us for a fun and educational evening as Barbara will inspire us to create our own designs for participation in our scarecrow display for the Hydrangea Festival.

Our guest speaker for our May 1st meeting will be Gail Woody. Her topic will be about attracting Mon-arch Butterflies to the garden and is entitled “Got Milkweed?”
Gail, a most energetic and enthusiastic speaker, is a Carroll County Master Gar-dener. She is a Certified Arborist, a member of Georgia Native Plant Society, West Georgia Green Association, the Little Tallapoosa Garden Club, the Environmental Education Alliance and of Monarchs Across Georgia.
Gail’s passion is growing native plants and trees which attract so many butterflies and birds to her garden. Her property is a qualified Wildlife Habitat and certified as a Monarch Way Station.


Scott McMahan will be the speaker for our June 5th meeting and his topic will be “International Plant Collection, Rare and Unusual Plants”.

Scott has a Bachelor’s degree in English from Wofford College and an Associate’s Degree in Horticulture from Spartanburg Technical College. After graduating, he worked as the propagator for a large wholesale grower for 5 years as well as the nursery manager at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

In 2003, Scott opened McMahan’s Nursery, specializing in hardy and unusual perennials, shrubs and trees for the southeastern United States. He has traveled to China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Bhutan, Vietnam and many spots in the southern and northwestern states. He finds great joy in pushing the limits of plants that will grow in zone 7.

In 2009, Scott opened ‘Garden*Hood’, an in town plant nursery in Atlanta. In 2009, Atlanta Magazine named it the “best place to buy plants.” It also won both the editor and people’s choice award in the Atlanta Journal Constitution poll, “Best of the Big A, best place to buy plants for 2010”. 

Carol Hight will be our guest speaker for the August 7th meeting. Her topic will be “Collecting Seeds for Planting for Next Year”.
Carol has been an active Carroll County Master Gardener for 10 years. She has served on the executive board and the education committee, and has been the chairman of the an-nual plant sale for the past 6 years. She is a member of the Georgia and West Georgia Chapter of the Native Plant Soci-ety where she is serving as vice president and she is a mem-ber of the board of directors.
After a thirty year teaching career, Carol retired and now enjoys gardening, traveling, sewing, quilting and going on native plant rescues. She enjoys sharing her love of garden-ing with others and hopes her presentation will get others excited about gardening and collecting seeds. 

Kacey Cloues will be our guest speaker for our September meeting. She is the general manager for Garden*Hood, an independent retail garden center located in Grant Park.
Extensive retail experience and an insatiable enthusiasm for all things green and growing happily combined into Kacey’s dream job as Garden*Hood’s general manager. Raised in Stone Mountain, Kacey graduated from Carleton College in Minne-sota. She now lives in Atlanta’s historic Old Fourth Ward neighborhood and she enjoys gar-dening all over the metro area.
Garden*Hood is a nursery where horticultural expertise, exceptional plants, and friendly, knowledgeable staff come together in a unique environment that fosters community, inspires 

One of our favorite guest speakers, Gail Woody, is returning as the speaker for our October 2n1d meeting.
Her topic will be “Native Plants, Critical Native Habitat for Pol-linators”.
Native plants are Gail`s passion. Her property, which is full of native plants and trees, is a qualified wildlife habitat and is certi-fied as a monarch way station.
Gail is a Carroll County Master Gardener, a certified arborist, a member of Georgia Native Plant Society, West Georgia Green Association, the Little Tallapoosa Garden Club, the Environ-mental Education Alliance and Monarchs Across Georgia” 

Arty Schronce will be our speaker for the November 6th meeting and his topic will be "Shade Perennials". Arty started young, selling English boxwoods that he and his father rooted. The business expanded to a nursery and greenhouse selling shrubs, trees, vegetables and bedding plants. Arty continued until he went away to college at North Carolina University where he wrote a weekly gardening column for the university for seven years that was carried in 30 newspapers. Arty has worked for a major agricultural biotechnology company and served as a senior horticulturist for a seed company and garden center. At the Georgia Department of Agriculture, he was Director of Public Affairs for many years and is now Director of the Poultry Market news. He also writes "Arty`s Garden" for the Farmers and Consumers Market News and "Consumer Q`s", a weekly Q&A column covering agricultural issues. As a freelance writer, his articles and photographs have appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines and books, including "Gardens of the World", the companion book to the PBS series and "The Garden in Autumn" by Allen Lacy. 

2013 Speakers

Our speakers for the November meeting will be Don and Jayne Belk, Douglas County Master Gardeners who took the class in 2010.
Don is an educator who has been teaching for over 40 years. Last year he and his wife, Jayne, had the wonderful experience of living in Thailand. He taught mathematics at an English speaking community school in Bangkok for the 2012-13 school year.
While there, being master gardeners and loving plants, he and Jayne took hundreds of pictures of plants and interesting vegetation that grow in that part of the world. Thailand has a year round growing season and there are many varieties of plants that flourish in the 90 degree on average heat.
Don and Jayne will present photos and tell about their experiences in Thailand.


Elizabeth Dean and husband, Gene Griffith, started Wilkerson Mill Gardens in 1990.
What began as a business growing woody plants for cut stems has shifted into a specially plant nursery with online sales and on site
sales by appointment or during Open Days.
Gene's serendipitous acquisition of www.hydrangea.com led them to collect what is perhaps the most extensive collection of hydrangeas on the east coast.
It also led to Penny McHenry. Elizabeth was a founding board member of American Hydrangea Society.
They now are focused on hydrangeas: collecting, observing, propagating, growing, selecting for reliable hydrangeas for the garden.
Unable to restrain themselves they continue to offer a scattering of some of their other favorite woody plants.
They delight in sharing their experience and opinions gained by working with plants over the last 25 years with the goal of helping gardeners to
succeed and to relish their gardens.

Sometimes funny, often thoughtful, usually informative and always lively, Elizabeth will share selected opinions, observations and knowledge gained from a life in the dirt.

Our speaker for the September 5th meeting will be Will Marchant and his subject will be ‘Daylilies’.
Will was born with gardening in his blood. His grandparents on both side of his family were gardeners and his paternal grandparents operated a large farm in Alabama. This love of gardening was also instilled in his father who continues to be an avid gardener. You could say that he was born with a green thumb. His father was minister who spent a great deal of time visiting his congregation and often would return home from a visit with a “start” of some perennial or other. He grew up surrounded by beautiful flowers.
Almost 20 years ago, he was introduced to the world of named daylilies and daylily gardens by the principal who gave him his first teaching job. Their first order was to Gilbert Wild’s Daylily Garden where the plants were priced at a few dollars per division. He thought that he had lost his mind because he purchased around 25 plants at a total cost of somewhere in the neighborhood of $75. Never did he dream that he would become infected with the “daylily bug” and begin to spend hundreds of dollars on a single plant. Over the years, he would spend tens of thousands of dollars purchasing the latest and greatest daylily introductions. He would also learn to make his own crosses and grow his own unique seedlings.
In 2002, Marchant registered and introduced his first named daylilies. Since then, he has named, registered, and introduced 11 unique cultivars. In the time since he began growing daylilies, he has established two gardens. The first one was in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where he lived for 10 years. After completing his leadership degree in education at the University of Alabama, he moved to Douglasville where he became the assistant principal at Sweetwater Elementary in Lithia Springs. He had to uproot his daylily garden and after purchasing a new property in Douglasville, reestablished his Druid City Daylily Garden in his current location just off Chapel Hill Road.
Now beginning his seventh year as principal at Lithia Springs Elementary School, he spends most of his free time in his garden. He has quite a few future daylily introductions currently increasing in his garden and starts approximately 1200 new seedlings each season. He loves to talk school and daylilies, and visitors are always welcome in the garden.

Our speaker for the August 1st meeting will be Jon Barnett and his subject will be ‘How Landscape Lighting Can Enhance Your Home and Garden’.
Jon has been involved with ‘dirt’ pretty much all his life. He grew up on a farm in North Africa, moved to Minnesota where he worked on a farm for many years, and ended up working as a pesticide and fertilizer applicator for 6 years.
He moved to Georgia in 1988 to help build ‘Hydro Irrigation Systems’ and eventually purchased part of that company and started ‘Mood Swings’ in December of 2002. The company specializes in landscape lighting, water features, and outdoor sound and surveillance. They have also built outdoor kitchens and showers, built patios, and installed and serviced irrigation systems.
Jon started dabbling in landscape lighting in 1989 and turned it into a viable part of ‘Hydro Irrigation Systems’ and when given the opportunity, he purchased that part of the business. Jon looks forward to sharing his knowledge with us.

Our speaker for our June 6th meeting will be Darryl Windham and his topic will be "Horticulture is alive and well at Zoo At-lanta".
Darryl is the Horticulture Manager for Zoo At-lanta. He has served in the Zoo’s Horticulture Department since 2000. His background includes 20 years of experience in the industry, ranging from commercial nursery production and landscape installation and maintenance to botanical garden development. As the head of a five-person crew, Darryl is responsible for all aspects of maintenance of the Zoo’s 35 acres of botanical collections.
Although tropical plants are his passion, Darryl also has a very strong knowledge of hardy trees, shrubs and perennials. He obtained an A.S. degree in Landscape Technology and Ornamental Horticulture from Broward Community College in 1995. Darryl is a Georgia-certified Pesticide Applicator; a GGIA certified Plant Professional; a member of the Association of Zoological Horticulture Conservation Committee; and a past ISA-certified arborist.

Our speaker for the May 2nd meeting will be Paul Pugliese and his topic will be “Top Ten Killer Tree and Landscape Mistakes.”
Paul grew up on a family owned and operated Hereford/Angus beef cattle farm in Kingston, Georgia. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture and minor in Biology from Berry College in Rome, Georgia. Paul worked at the Berry College Horticulture greenhouses and historic Oak Hill gardens as an undergraduate at Berry.
He received a Master of Plant Protection and Pest Management degree from the University of Georgia in 2003. Paul worked for the UGA homeowner Integrated Pest Management clinic at the Griffin Experiment Station as an assistant diagnostician after completing his Master’s degree.
He worked with the Georgia Department of Agriculture in Atlanta for 3 years in the Plant Protection Division as a state-wide program manager over plant health inspections, live plant licenses, and plant export certifications. In May 2006, he was hired as an Agriculture and Natural Resources County Extension Agent for UGA/Cherokee County Cooperative Extension and he transferred to Bartow County in May 2011 as County Extension Coordinator.
An avid gardener, he has a 2,500 square foot vegetable garden and a small fruit orchard. In 2008, he and his wife built a home on the family's farm in Kingston, Georgia. They enjoy hiking, camping, mountain biking and being outdoors.

Our speaker for our April 4th meeting will be Kathy Henry and her topic will be “Fairy Gardens - Whimsy in the Garden”.
Kathy was an educator for 32 years including 12 years as owner of Stone Mountain Montessori School. She was a Developmental Studies instructor at Perimeter College for two years and First Grade Reading Recovery Teacher in Douglas County for 5 years.
She completed her Master Gardener Training in 2006 and in 2007-2008 served as Secretary of the Douglas County Master Gardener Association.
She currently serves on the steering Committee of Penny McHenry Hydrangea Festival and has been the Flower Show Chairman or Co-Chairman since 2007. Her other Master Gardener activities include the Cultural Arts Center Butterfly Garden and Bright Star Elementary Children’s Garden.
She is a fan of the Pinterest website where she first saw a Fairy Garden posted and fell in love with them. She looks forward to sharing techniques to creating a whimsical addition to any garden.

Our speaker for the March meeting will be Sharon Morton, 30 year Douglasville resident and a former teacher. Her topic will be ‘Identifying Trees’.
Sharon took the Master Gardener classes that were offered in 2004. She served as secretary for the Douglas County Master Gardener’s in 2005-2006, and was president of the organization in 2007. She volunteered to help with numerous gardening projects and was always interested in learning about plants.
While on a trip to Nova Scotia in 2008, she became interested in tree identification largely due to a friend on the trip who kept asking her to identify trees. This friend purchased a book for Sharon on tree identification and Sharon was ‘hooked’. When Urban Forestry classes were offered in 2010, Sharon took them eager to find out more about trees and their names. She completed those classes earning her ‘advanced certification’.

The speaker for the Douglas County Master Gardeners for the February 7th meeting is Linda Schuppener and her topic will be ‘Roses’.  Linda  has lived in Douglas County for more than 35 years and she received her degree from Mercer University in 1996.
Linda’s Mother’s love of roses throughout her life created an interest for Linda. She joined the American Rose Society and the Greater Atlanta Rose Society in 1999, hoping to benefit from the advice and experience of the rosarians of the Society.  To further her education and knowledge of rose growing, she became a Consulting Rosarian with the American Rose Society in 2003.  She is also a member of the Rose Hybridizer’s association.  Because of her love of rose growing, she finds herself now tending to more than 300 varieties of roses in her rose garden!
Aside from growing and exhibiting roses, she has focused for the last 12 years on her hybridizing program, hoping one day to market a rose created in her own garden.  It was in 2012 that she registered her very first rose creation -- “Divine Dee”.        

2012 Speakers

Sue Dean--November Speaker

Our speaker for November was Sue Dean and her topic was 'Containers to get us through Fall and Winter'.
Sue has worked at Lost Mountain Nursery for 15 years as a container designer. She conducts classes on container design for civic groups and garden clubs. She also has an annual class at Smith-Gilbert Gardens in Kennesaw.
At Lost Mountain Nursery, they strive to help their customers 'get it right the first time ', so she lists the plants that work together and the containers to put them in. She also paints seasonal paintings on old boards and displays them at the nursery.


Susanne Hudson, an Atlanta native and a Douglasville resident for 35 years, will be our speaker for October and her topic will be ‘Garden Design’. An interior and garden designer for over 30 years with clients in 16 states, her work has been featured in such magazines as Better Homes & Gardens, Southern Living, Atlanta Magazine Home, Lifestyles Magazine, Atlanta Journal, Audio and Video Magazine, Georgia Gardening, and many others. She has been featured on HGTV’s “A Gardener’s Diary” and “Look What I Did” and on TNT’s “Wedding Day”.
She is the grandmother of three lively grandchildren and the owner of ‘A Design Company’ and co-owner of ‘Le Jardin Blanc’.
She is a member of the American Hydrangea Society, Ama Kanasta Garden Club, and the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation. She is Co-Founder of the Penny McHenry Hydrangea Festival, one of the Founders and Past President of the Cultural Arts Center, Past President of the South Cobb Arts Alliance-Mable House, one of the Founders and Past President of The Historical Society, and one of the Founders of The Douglas County Museum of History and Art.
Suzanne has served on the Downtown Development Authority, the Committee for the Arbor Place Mall Opening, and the Committee for the New Douglas County Courthouse Opening and many other civic committees. She also designed and furnished the Youth Shelter of Douglas County.

Our speaker for September will be Carol Hight from Carrollton, Georgia. Her topic will be “Bulbs, Tubers, Corms and Rhizomes for Fall Into Spring Planting”.
She will be explaining the differences among these, as well as proper planting techniques for each, including propagation and maintenance. She’ll be giving ideas for specific bulbs recommended for our area for both fall and spring planting so that gardeners can plant for continual blooming for months.
Carol has been a Master Gardener member since 2003, having taken the summer class of that year for teachers. Her gardening interests are wide and varied and include shade gardening with hostas, hydrangeas and hellebores. She has thousands of bulbs that provide blooms almost year round.
She is a member of the West Georgia Chapter of the Native Plant Society, and is very active in plant rescues and trail restorations. She also enjoys vegetable gardening and canning the produce from her garden. She has a large butterfly/hummingbird garden filled with perennials and some annuals.

Our speaker this Thursday evening was Jim Rogers, owner of ‘Nearly Native Nursery’ in Fayetteville, Georgia. His topic will be ‘Native Plants in the Garden’.
Nearly Native Nursery specializes in native trees, shrubs, palms, and perennials for low maintenance landscapes that will attract native wildlife.
Jim will be bringing plants to sell and has offered to bring ‘requested’ plants. Visit his website at www.nearlynativenursery.com. , go to ‘Plant Catalogue’, then call or email him with your request.
Hope to see everyone at the meeting

July 5th, our speaker will be Marc Ferguson, owner of ‘BackYard Nursery’ in Winston, Georgia.  His topic will be ‘Landscape Plants at Reasonable Prices’.  What began as a hobby years ago has turned into a backyard business for Marc for the past six years.  Marc propagates and grows a wide variety of plants which he advertizes and sells for one price, $4.97.  He will be bringing hostas to sell and he also plans to contribute a very special plant as a door prize. 

Gordon Kilgore, June Speaker

Gordon Kilgore is a world traveler and photographer. Travel photography is his passion. His sweetheart, now wife, gave him his first camera during college, about 1957. Since then, he has traveled to all 50 states, 7 continents, the North Pole, and 181 countries. Some he has visited more than once, and all of them have given him memories to cherish for a lifetime.
Above all, he likes to travel, seeing and experiencing places much different than home. This curiosity of exploration is akin to the early explorers' curiosity of wondering “what is out there?” Traveling makes him more appreciative of what he has at home and more tolerant of other cultures and religions.
For him, photography is simply the captured portion of a journey that is taken home. This record of a place, combined with the sounds, smells, and mind’s eye remembrances are the true rewards of travel photography.

Lynn Coulter, May Speaker

Lynn Coulter will be the guest speaker for the Douglas County Master Gardeners meeting for Thursday evening, May 3rd. Her topic will be ‘Gardening with Heirloom Seeds’.

Lynn Coulter is the author of Gardening with Heirloom Seeds: Tried-and-true Flowers, Fruits, and Vegetables for a New Generation, published by the University of North Carolina Press. The book describes fifty treasured heirloom species and is filled with growing tips and practical advice from gardeners.
Lynn’s second book was Mustard Seeds: Thoughts on the Nature of God and Faith. Her newest book is Little Mercies: Celebrating God’s Everyday Grace and Goodness.
Lynn is also a freelance journalist who writes for Delta Sky, U.S. Airways, Georgia EMC Magazine, and other publications. She blogs about gardening for the Douglasville Patch, and lives with her husband and son in Douglas County, GA.


April—Mike Cunningham (organic gardening)

Mike Cunningham will be the guest speaker for the Douglas County Master Gardeners meeting for Thursday evening, April 5th. His topic will be organic gardening. Mike grew up on a small livestock and grain farm in Newnan, Georgia. Growing plants and gardening have been a passion from a very early age. He started selling plants, eggs and vegetables at age 14 from his family farm. He graduated from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College with an associate degree in ornamental horticulture. He operated a small nursery, called Mike's Greenhouse, from his parents’ farm. Later, he owned and operated Country Gardens Nursery in Newnan from 1988 to 2011 when it closed. He is married to Judy Robertson and has 4 sons, 3 daughters-in-law and 2 grandchildren. He continues to farm, now raising grass fed beef, organic vegetables, pasture based poultry, and raw milk.

Landscape Design
Kate Wright is an award winning landscape designer with over 14 years experience and owns ‘Bloom’n Gardens Landscape’, a design/build/maintenance firm based in Mableton, Georgia.
With over 10 years working directly in the heart of the Buckhead community, Kate has honed her skills in landscape contracting, design, and maintenance. Kate is a degreed Botanist earning her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Maine and has completed significant post graduate level work in Plant Pathology. In addition to her core science curriculum, Kate has a passion for art and took many classes in design, line, color, and dimension.

While serving in the United States Army, Kate was stationed in El Paso, Texas, and learned the importance of water conservation and Xeriscape designs. Kate uses all aspects of her education and experience to create and efficiently deliver a landscape that fits her client's lifestyle.

Kate regularly publishes articles on various aspects of landscape design and maintenance in local publications and has received certification as Georgia Certified Landscape Professional as well as a Georgia Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Professional.

'The Use of Hardy Succulents in Container Gardens'

Kathi Aja will be the guest speaker for the Douglas County Master Gardeners meeting for Thursday, February. 2nd. Her topic will be 'The Use of Hardy Succulents in Container Gardens'.
Kathi is a former teacher in Carroll County and now resides in Villa Rica.
After working at Triple Creek Flower Farm for 13 years, she became the manager of Triple Creeks' retail store, 'Bloomers Garden Center', in Carrollton.
Kathi has a special ability to combine colors and textures of plants to create unique containers and baskets of flowers. She conducts workshops each year for customers at Bloomers including classes ranging from 'container gardening' to 'decorating for the holidays' and she also includes workshops for children.

2011 Speakers

‘Heirloom and Fragrant Companions for Hydrangeas’

Jason Powell will be our speaker for the Thursday, November 3rd meeting. The topic will be ‘Heirloom and Fragrant Companions for Hydrangeas’.
Jason and his wife Shelly are the founders of ‘Petals from the Past’, a 23-acre nursery located in Jemison, Alabama. Established in 1994, the Powell`s have applied contemporary techniques in growing the finest old-garden plants along with new varieties.
Originally focused on heirloom roses, the nursery supports gardening from an educational standpoint by cultivating mature plants in display gardens for observation and by hosting monthly educational programs.
Jason received a B.S. from Auburn University in landscape design horticulture and a Master’s in horticulture from Texas A&M University. He is also a board member of the Alabama Nursery and Landscape Association. 

'Woody Ornamentals'

Rex Bishop will be the October 6th speaker for the Douglas County Master Gardeners. The topic will be 'Woody Ornamentals'.
Rex is currently Vice President Of Academic Affairs for North Georgia Technical College. He taught horticulture at several technical colleges in Georgia and was recognized in 2008 as the instructor of the year at North Metro Technical College. He was also named Educator of the Year by the Professional Landcare Network for his outstanding achievements as a faculty member.
Rex has written several articles for professional publications over the years and has published a textbook entitled 'A Field Guide to Woody Landscape Plants of the Southeast'. He speaks regularly at garden clubs, Master gardener groups and for green industry professional association meetings. 

'Fall Favorites from McMahan's Nursery'

Tiffany Jones will be the guest speaker for the Sept. 1st meeting of the Douglas County Master Gardeners. She is the manager at McMahan's Nursery, a 'rare plant' nursery, in Clermont Georgia. Her topic will be 'Fall Favorites From McMahan's Nursery: Must Have Shrubs, Trees and Perennials'.
Tiffany moved to Georgia in 1997 from southern Indiana to attend Berry College and study horticulture and biology. After college, Tiffany worked at the Atlanta Botanical Garden before making the move to north Georgia to manage McMahan's Nursery. She will bring plants for us to see and purchase. 

Steve Brady to Speak at The August Meeting
Steve Brady will be guest speaker for the August 4th meeting of the Douglas County Master Gardeners. His topic will be ‘Easy to Grow Fruits in Georgia’.
Steve retired from the University Of Georgia after 30 years as a College of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Agent and Program Leader for the Horticultural Department. He had formerly worked as the Gwinnet County Agricultural Horticulture Agent and he later worked at the Experiment Station in Savannah.


Hostas was the topic for the July 7th Master Gardening Meeting. The speaker, Jack Driskell is the head Gardener at Smith-Gilbert Gardens in Kennesaw.
Jack is the Northwest District Director for the Master Gardener Association and has served on the boards of the Georgia Perennial and Plant Association, the Georgia Hosta Society and the American Hosta Society. He has been a Master Gardener for 20 years.



James Hembee will be guest speaker at our June 2nd meeting. His topic will be 'plant propagation'.

James has been Landscape Superintendent at the University of West Georgia for the past 17 years and a drive through that beautifully landscaped campus, any season of the year, will highlight the success of his work there.
Graduating from the University of Georgia with a BS in Agriculture, James is also a Certified Arborist, a Certified Georgia Nurseryman and an Honorary Master Gardener and Instructor. He lists his hobbies as camping, hiking, birding and gardening.
James has also been actively involved in the Boy Scouts for almost two decades and has received many recognitions, honors and awards for his contributions. But perhaps his most telling achievement in scouting is that all three of his boys are Eagle Scouts, and all three followed him to the University of Georgia.



Rachel Hendee will be our guest speaker at our May 5th meeting. Her topic will be ‘Attracting and nurturing butterflies in a Georgia Garden’.
Rachel has a BS in Animal Science and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. She has a passion to share her knowledge of plants and creatures in the garden.
Rachel is a Master Gardener and has twice been chosen Master Gardener of the Year. She has directed the Plant-A-Row-For-The-Hungry garden and served on the board of Douglas County Master Gardeners. Her volunteer services include creating school butterfly gardens; giving presentations to elementary school children on nature trails, butterflies and soil; working with the disabled in greenhouse skills and making garden and butterfly presentations on the Douglas County Living Show on DCTV Channel 23.


Gerri Laufer will be guest speaker at the April 7th meeting of the Douglas County Master Gardeners.
She is a horticulturist, a garden writer and a consultant advising the plant industry on a wide range of problems and activities. She is a public relations consultant and counts among her clients the Atlanta Botanical Garden and Greenleaf Nursery Company.
She launched Garden DebutR for Greenleaf, a website dedicated to the introduction and marketing of new and improved plant varieties for a large group of participating growers and plant breeders. She serves as Senior Garden Writer, Newsletter Editor and Webmaster for the Atlanta Botanical Garden.
Gerri is an Adjunct Professor at the Gwinnett Technical Institute where she designed curricula for seven courses in the Environmental Horticulture Department.
The recipient of many awards and honors in the gardening and horticulture community, Mrs. Laufer is a motivational speaker who is sure to delight .


Carol Hight will be guest speaker for the Douglas County Master Gardeners on Thursday evening,  March 3rdHer topic will be ‘Hellebores. After a 30 year teaching career, Carol retired and became a  Carroll County Master Gardener. She has been actively involved with the Junior Master Gardener program, the demonstration garden and  has been chairman for the plant sale the past two years.

Carol loves sharing her love of gardening with others and hopes the presentation will get others excited about beautiful hellebores.

February 3rd, the Douglas County Master Gardeners will welcome Tammi Scarbro as guest speaker. Her topic will be 'Rescuing and Rehabilitating Wild Animals'.
Tammi is a local Douglas County resident and she has always had a great passion for wildlife. She is affectionately known as the 'Squirrel Girl'.
When she is not caring for opossums and squirrels at home, she can be found at the 'Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort' in Lithonia where she has volunteered her services for five years.
Tammi is certified by the International Wildlife Rehabilitators Association, The National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association, and the state of Georgia as a certified wildlife rehabilitator.
Tammi will bring several animals to the meeting so feel free to bring your children to join the fun.


May-----Rachel Hendee—Plants to encourage Caterpillars, Butterflies, and Moths
June----James Hembree--Propagation
July-----Jack Driskell -- Hostas
Aug.----Stephen Brady—Easy to Grow Fruits
Sep.----Tiffany Jones from McMahan’s Nursery—The people from this nursery search the world for plants that will
do well in this area. No title as of yet but Tiffany will bring plants.
Oct.----Rex Bishop—Woody Ornamentals
Nov.---Jason Powell from ‘Petals From the Past Nursery’—Gardening from an Educational Standpoint—Jason will
Bring plants.